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Active Learning for Young Minds

 At Kimnastics we build math concepts and connections into all kinds of gymnastics, games, and confidence-building exercises that are fun and exciting for kids. Kids have so much fun they don't notice that they are learning math skills and connecting numbers to real life!  The Kimnastics environment encourages group work, builds character, confidence, and fosters independence.  Our programs develop number sense, critical thinking, problem solving, and physical fitness. We give students the confidence that creates a foundation for success!   


Achieve Beyond Your Potential


Change the Way We Approach Education

It is our mission to provide students with the opportunities to develop healthy minds and bodies, build confidence, think creatively, and flexibly to achieve beyond their potential.

It is our vision to change the way we think, plan, and teach mathematics to inspire the next generation to have the confidence to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

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"My daughter enjoys the affirmations as well as learning math concepts as she learns gymnastics. I love the idea of incorporating movement and learning. Ms. Kim Gantt is wonderful with children and makes learning fun! " 


  ~Ingrid Sabio-McLaughlin

    Program  Coordinator, Women Studies, CCBC

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"It takes a Village to raise our children! I'm so thankful for Kimnastics...

Positive life lessons, Fun Learning activities and the high level of physical awareness and confidence building."

~Pansay A.


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